Staged building inspections

When you are building a property, regular building inspections can save you a lot of stress and money. We recommend you have inspections during the construction period to assure your builder is building to plan and has followed the engineers specifications.

Stage One: Footings and slab

The slab forms the foundation for your building, so it is important that this is done correctly and that it complies to the engineers specifications.

The inspectors duty:

  • To make sure the steel fixing complies to the provided engineering plans and specifications
  • Ensure that footings are the correct depth
  • To ensure that there will be no issues before the slab is poured.

Stage Two: Roof and wall frames

The framing of your house is very important structural component. It is crucial that the frame is constructed to code and the bracing complies to the engineers specifications.

Your inspectors duty:

  • Ensure that your building frame meets all required standards
  • That the frame complies to the engineers specifications
  • To the framing will have no issues supporting loads.

Stage Three: Roof covers and external cladding

The external roof and wall claddings protect the property from the weather and natural elements. It is very important that these are sealed and tied down correctly to prevent any structural issues or weather damage.

Your inspector will also:

  • Check that brick ties are installed correctly
  • Make sure enough brick ties are installed
  • Inspect all articulations
  • Look for damp course installation
  • Ensure weep holes are clean
  • Check ventilation points

Stage Four: Wet area waterproofing

You need to make sure your bathrooms are sealed correctly or this will cause damp or water damage issues in the future.

Your inspectors duty:

  • Inspect all wet areas
  • Ensure that waterproofing membranes are in place and are the correct size
  • Check for any sealing issues or penetrations

Final stage: Practical completion

Practical completion is where the builder has completed all of their building work and it is time to receive your finished product.

Your inspector will inspect and report on the finished product and compliance of your new home or build.

Book in your inspection with A E & J building inspections Adelaide today to ensure you are receiving the property you paid for. We are available for inspection 7days a week and all our reports contain pictures. Call us on 0475 377 971 for more information.