Pre purchase inspections

At A E & J building inspections Adelaide we offer pre purchase building inspections on residential properties. This helps any buyers to get a understanding in what they are buying. It is highly recommended that all home buyers get a pre purchase inspection done before they handover a deposit. Getting a building inspection is a small cost to such a large investment.


We are open for any questions before or after the building inspections been completed. By asking a few simple questions to your building inspector you can get a understanding of what the inspection involves, the building inspectors experience and most importantly ensure the inspection is done correctly and safely.

When you engage with a pre-purchase inspection company like A E & J , here are some very important questions to ask the building inspector to make the inspection is done properly and completed as possible to help you gain piece of mind.

What areas of the property does your inspection cover?

When you arrange a pre-purchase inspection for the property you are purchasing, firstly you need to be understanding of what the building inspection involves and what is inspected during the process, what the building inspection report will include and discuss any particular concerns that you may have about the property with the building inspector prior to the inspection being completed. This way you can be rest assure knowing that building inspector that you have engaged are on the same thought pattern and any particular rooms or items you would like the inspector to focus on. This will save you time in the future and possibly save you money.

A E & J Building inspections Adelaide are fully licenced Builders and pest controllers

What experience and qualifications do you have in building inspections?

We consider this to be a very important question, this is an essential question to ask when hiring a contractor to work for you in a unregulated industry in South Australia. You want to ensure the building inspector has the appropriate qualifications and licencing to provide the skills you need to buy a property with out any defects. We highly recommend your inspector is a licensed builder and if getting a pest inspection that the inspectors also a licensed pest controller.

We highly recommend that you find out if your building inspector has insurance. A E & J Building inspections Adelaide is fully licenced and insured so you are covered for any missed defects or issues that have not been put in the building inspection report.

How long will the building inspection take?

On average a on site building inspection could take up to 1.5 -2.5 hours, This all depends on the condition and age of the property. This is important to know because you want to be sure that the building inspector is taking his time to find all defects that the property may have, if the company you engage is doing it quicker than this they may not have enough time to find important major defects.

How much does a pre-purchase building inspection cost?

We charge a flat fee for all residential properties of $280.00. and $500.00 for combined building and pest inspections. It is important to consider the inspection as an investment to save you money if any hidden issues appear that you have not picked up at the properties open inspection . A E & J Building inspections Adelaide have found many major defects throughout properties over the years where other inspection companies have missed.

Will I be able to attend the building inspection?

A pre-purchase property inspection is a good chance to get to see the property through the eyes of a experienced professional. It is your investment that you are purchasing and the building walk through will take you 15 minutes. In our opinion if the building inspector or building inspection company refuses the request for you to attend the inspection it could be possible that they are not experienced enough to cope with face to face interaction.

A E & J Building inspections Adelaide like it when our clients attend the inspection to show and explain the issued with the property and solutions to rectification while working methodically through the process. You would be surprised the questions we get asked while a building inspection is bring performed, most common question is if rooms can be opened and walls can be removed. Our inspection company can not make any assessment regarding this, but we can point you in the right direction.

What is included in the building inspection report and when will you receive the report?

All of our building inspection reports we be issued within 24 hours of the inspection to help to make a life changing decision. At A E & J building inspections we include all areas of the inspection on the report including any safety hazards, big and expensive issues, unapproved or non-compliant building work and structural defects. We will happily provide a sample building inspection report to determine whether you think we are suitable for you. All of our building inspection reports include 50 pages of the property explaining the condition of the property and all advice and recommendations to rectify the damages.

Ask the building inspector for advice and any recommendations

When you engage a building inspector all of the inspectors may be different but they are experts within the building industry, so we always recommend to have some questions to ask the building inspector, particularly if you have specific questions regarding the property that may not appear on the report. Although the report will include all major and minor defects with coloured pictures, sometimes it is easier to have a quick talk with the building inspector in layman’s terms.

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