Handover inspections

A handover inspection completed by a building supervisor is not a independent they are paid by the Builder and will be on their side.

We work for you, we are paid by you, A E & J building inspections are a independent company and we make sure you are getting what you paid for.

Our reports are highly detailed and comprehensive, with defects we find from paint work, to chips in tiles, scratches on kitchen sinks, damage on brickwork, and any structural defects, poor silicone work and much more. We make sure all complies to the Building Standards of Australia. All defects will be reported on a photos will be taken.

Owners are entitled to a independent inspection and can inspect any stage of the building process. We highly recommend that all people who are building get a inspection done.

What we look for during a handover inspection

External Defects:

  • Pipes are painted and low enough in the ground with adequate coverage of soil as per AS3500.
  • Ground levels are adequate and not causing water to pond up against the footings and slab edge
  • Ground levels for the termite inspection points as to the Australian standards
  • Weep holes are not blocked and free from mortar and debris this is a structural defect we come across all the time as per AS4773.2.
  • Articulation joints are done correctly as per AS3700 to prevent future cracking to external walls, this will occur if not done as per the standard.
  • Ensure there is no brick overhang which is a structural defect as per the BCA
  • Check the slab has no exposed steel or holes as this is a structural defective.
  • There is no damage to the external roof coverings as per 6.3 Roof Cladding
  • Gutters falls are correct and are not ponding water as per AS3500.5
  • We makes sure the flashing has been installed as per and there are no holes to allow water ingress.
  • The windows have been installed properly
  • The paint finish is done to the paint standard AS 2589.
  • That the brick work is clean, and is correct as per 3.8 Masonry Facing.
  • All tiles are fully supported as per AS 3958.1 or they will detach or they will crack.
  • Check the property for any major and minor defects complying to the Australian tolerance guide.

Internal Defects:

  • The paint finish is done to the paint standard AS 2589.
  • Roof void insulation has been installed to AS 3999.
  • Doors are painted at the top and bottom to ensure they are sealed. If this is not done correctly you void your door warranty.
  • All of the entry doors must be weathered sealed as per BCA
  • Check the fall in the shower to make sure there is no ponding of water in the showers as per AS 3958.
  • Make sure there is no tile lippage as per 11.7 Uneven tiling.
  • We make sure the walls are straight, not bowed,  as per 4.2.2
  • There should be no excessive gaps, we check for this.
  • We check the door margins are straight and even
  • We will sticker all defects and take photos for our report and we will send it to you and your builder.

What is practical completion?

This is the stage when the building work has been completed in accordance with the contract and all relevant statutory requirements either without any omissions or defects, or with only minor omissions and / or minor defects and the property is suitable for habitation. Your builder will advise you a few weeks prior in when the estimated hand over date will be. It is important that you as the person building the propertyread the definition of the practical completion stage in the definition section of your contract this is located (towards the back of the general conditions part of the contract). We recommend if you have any particular issues that you let us know prior to commencement of the handover inspection.

On Handover Day

On the day of handover you will receive copies of documentation such as: Certificates of inspection Product warranties for any of the appliances installed, notices or other documentation issued by services providers ( Electrician, plumber for electrical, water or sewerage). We recommend you store these documents in a safe place. If there is any problems with appliances installed you should be able to contact the product supplier to have the problem addressed under warranty.

Defect Lists

We will comply a defect list for you and have the report sent within 24 hours. The report will show evidence of all stickered defects and will provide a description of the defects. We recommend you have your builder rectify all defects prior to receiving the keys. The builder will give you a maintenance period of 3-6 months depending on your builder, we recommend you monitor the house and have any defects, settlement cracks repaired prior to the end of the maintenance period.

Call A E & J building inspections Adelaide to organise your handover inspection.