What is a building inspection?

What is a building inspection and who needs one? A building inspection Adelaide is basically a life saver as to speak, especially for people that don’t know much about the building industry a building inspection is undertaken when someone is interested in buying a property and have made a offer to purchase a new home/investment(preferably during calling off period). We all know that investing in real estate is a scary investment and we all want to make sure that we know what we are purchasing. I recommend to everyone that is buying to always get a building inspection done. A building inspection Adelaide is a small investment to make when spending so much money on a property that could potentially cost you thousands down the track if a problem arises.

What our goal is as building inspectors is to come in and inspect the property which you intend to purchase for any major or minor defects, so we can save you down the track from any problems which will cost you a lot of money. I hear people say quiet often ‘ the house that i am interested in buying is only a few years old surely there wouldn’t be any issues yet’ i say stop right there! We do old and new house inspections and what we have come across is that some of the newer homes are worst then the older ones. This is due to a builder which does not care about what he is building he is more interested in the dollar signs at the end of the rainbow. So when looking at homes old or new always get a building inspection done, what is $500 on a investment that you are paying $500,000 for it is peanuts.

Building inspections Adelaide – you find when people sell their homes they will generally fix problems that they can see to hide them from potential buyers, its what is hidden that can cause the most damage. In the roof on the roof under the floor and in the floor can be your major hidden defects which you will not see when inspecting the home at the open inspection. But wait do you just call any building inspector Adelaide or are they different? Well did you know in Adelaide there is no regulation for building inspectors to have builders license or any qualifications what so ever! Yep how crazy is that you might aswell have your mum inspect the property, so you have retail mangers, ex factory workers doing your building inspections. They can sell ice to the Eskimo’s they are good talkers but what they can’t hide is the fact they do not have a builders license so always ask your building inspector for his  Builders license number and check it at builders license look up SA.

A building inspection is a serious thing when buying a home so make sure your building inspector is a licensed builder, make sure they take there time, try to be there with them why they complete the building inspection a good building inspector should take about a hour to a hour and a half to do a proper job depending on the size of the dwelling. Make sure the building inspector has checked every inch of the propertyAfter completion try to ask as many questions as possible.

All the best with your new purchase and buy safely.