What is a Vendor inspections?

Are you about to put your house on the market and want to sell your home? You want to get the maximum return and maximize your dollar profit , your house is your largest investment and you want make you get the right price for it. The key to getting the best price for your house is eliminating any defects that may seen and unseen before the house sells and the house is inspected by potential buyers or any other building inspector conducting a pre purchase inspection.

Be prepared to do abit of repair work on your house, believe me this will pay off and has great benefits. Your house sale price potential will rise with a A E & J building inspections Vendor Inspection which will give you peace of mind prior to the sale of your property.It gives you a chance to sort out issues – both Major and minor – before the house is placed onto the market so that you know that a potential buyer will be far less likely to find any potential defects and problems with the house which may cause them to pull out of the contract.

Our building inspections will be all completed to the relevant Australian standard and same day reports will be emailed to your email address so you can attend to the problem as soon as possible so you can get the ball rolling on any defects that need immediate attention.

 Here is a list of things we will inspect when completing a Vendor inspection:

·         Interior of the building

·          Exterior of the building

·         Roof and gutters

·         subfloor

·         Ceilings

·         Walls

·         Floors

·         Windows and Window Frames

·         Doors and Door Frames

·         Bathrooms

·         Toilets

·         Basins

·         Baths

·         Showers Taps

·         Roof void

·         Roof framing

·         Insulation

·         Front and Backyard paths

·         Driveways

·         Fences and gates

·         Hot water systems

·         Sheds

·         Garages

·         Pergolas and verandahs

·         Water tanks

·         Barge boards

·         Eaves

·         Balustrades and balconies

·         Stairs, Steps plus more.