How to Improve the Energy Efficiency In Your House?

Home Owners and builders are encouraged to design the house in a way that they can preserve the energy efficiency levels to use less electricity and to keep the house cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter, by using energy efficient materials this can be achieved.  This is achievable through using good quality materials by using double glazing and using a good quality insulation.

Air Flow

To increase air flow and the quality you should always consider cross ventilation by having windows placed in the right places throughout the home, within the house make sure when designing you place them in the right position and suitable for the house which you are building.  Make sure that you have a good architect or drafter to ensure they give the house the proper ventilation for the houses directions and the wind and weather zones the house is being built in.


It’s difficult to change the direction of your house once it’s established, but retractable shades and larger eaves can prevent sun and heat entering your home.  If you don’t want to add roller shutters or outdoor blinds, consider thicker curtains or double glazing on your windows to keep the sun and rays out and use good quality insulation throughout your home.  We highly recommend using double glazing when building your home when faced towards the sun.


By sealing your home’s walls, windows and other areas against air flow and leakage is one of the easiest ways to increase the warmth through winter and coolness through summer with electrcity and gas prices throughout Adelaide  (where an air conditioner is installed) we need to reduce our energy bills and carbon emissions by up to 25%.  By ensuring appropriate places are sealed well and air locks are in the right places can make a huge difference to the climate conditions of your home.

If you particularly want to know more about keeping your house cooler during Adelaide Summers – ensure when you book in a building and pest inspection you ask us the building inspector to give you some advice and tips on how to keep your house cooler